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“I’m Dreaming Of A Big, New Tattoo” February 25, 2014 No Comments

awkward boner tattoo shop

I wonder if it’s permanent or temporary? | “Tattoo Shop Sleeper” Contributed by Sara F.

Big Issues to Wrestle With October 1, 2009 38 Comments

Big Issues to Wrestle With

Do you think he’s noticed?

Big Brother August 27, 2009 20 Comments

Big Brother

How awkward is it to have a boner when you’re surrounded by your younger sister and her friends?

Credit: Carlos

Big Belly Boner May 17, 2009 14 Comments

Big Belly Boner

Thanks to Tiffany for sharing this photo taken on a beach in Cadiz, Spain. Does it count as an awkward boner if the guy can’t even see it due to his enormous belly? It also looks like he’s staring at the woman in the picture, which makes this more of a creepy boner.

Big Dick Cheney April 22, 2009 31 Comments

Big Dick Cheney

Several Awkward Boners readers have sent us this photo of former Vice President Dick Cheney living up to his first name. I guess there’s just something about being in the Administration that leads to massive bulges. We’re still waiting on the first Obama boner, though.

Sea-rection June 11, 2010 27 Comments

Can you blame him?

Credit: Big Daddy

Tighty Whities November 18, 2009 90 Comments

Tighty Whities

You know what they say about guys with big watches…

Credit: Paolo

College Is Awkward October 23, 2009 20 Comments

College Is Awkward

“During the big freshman bash at my University I was volunteering at, a band played while they all ate dinner. Afterward the bass player sat one the grass for a full five minutes, staring at his lap in intense concentration. Then he laid down, and we saw the fruits of his labor. He must have willed it to life in the midst of the desperate freshman girls.”

Photo & caption cred: Molly

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